HAMMERS Version 1.9 Update:   Please be sure you have a current backup (today) of your HAMMERS data and that all users have exited the Hammers system before continuing.  You will need your exclusive login, password, before proceeding. If you have not received your Version 1.9 login and password please call our office to obtain them. If you need assistance in backing up HAMMERS, or completing this update please call our Office - (704) 587-9855.



Users working with the support staff at LDI Consulting who need to upload a file can do so by clicking the "File Upload" button below.  Upon clicking the button, a dialog box will pop-up asking for a username and password.  Please enter the username and password provided to you by the support staff.  If you need assistance, please call the LDI Office - (704) 587-9855.